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Helping recruit better soldiers for the British Army in challenging times

The Locker magazine

The Army wanted a new way to reach prospective recruits and their parents, who have a big influence on their decision to join. The challenge was to excite and inspire the recruit audience and also reassure their families. We recommended a magazine format as the best way to reach both audiences and communicate the breadth of opportunity. 

The Locker features the very best the British Army has to offer, but is presented in a more subtle way with less overt recruitment messaging. This approach taps into the audience’s thirst for practical and helpful information on fitness, adventure and life skills which is presented in a way that comes across as cool.

The magazine leaves the readers feeling like they’ve learned a great deal, and understanding that the Army is a great authority on fitness and everyday knowhow.

256 Reasons to join the Army

256 Reasons to Join the Army is designed to capture the imagination of teenagers in Further and Higher Education, showcasing the breadth of career opportunities in the Army. We organised an exclusive three-day photo shoot featuring individuals and teams from various regiments and divisions.

Our military models ranged from an entire Phase 1 platoon (30+ trainee soldiers) to a Light Gun, a Bomb Disposal Operator and even a regimental ram. Our aim was to present their stories in a heroic way, and photographing them all on a white background in the studio helped us to really focus on the soldiers, while making them seem accessible and their skills attainable.

  • Research shows that 74% of readers find the Army more appealing as a result of reading Army magazine


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